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Prime Gulf Manpower
Our Services
Oil & Gas
Oil and Gas industry includes the global process of exploration, extraction, refining, transportation and marketing petroleum products. Fuel Oil and Gasoline is the largest product of this industry. Gulf Countries are the largest prodcucers of Oil and Gas in the whole world. We provide employees as per the demand for the trade.
Planning Engineer
Planning Engineer
Project Engineer
Mechanical Construction Engineer
Instrumentation Construction Engineer
Civil COnstruction Engineer
Administration- Technical Assistant
Commercial/ Financial/ Legal Analysts
Enviornment- Ground Water Remediation
Personnel/ Training- Human Resources
sources Oil & Gas Production Operator
Quality/Inspection NDT
Technician- Gas Turbine
Engineering-Construction Engineering-HVAC Engineering-Pressure Vessels
Refinery/Petro Chemical
Oil Refinery is an industrial process plant where crude oil is processed into many petroleum products viz Petrol, Diesel, Gasoline, ASphalt base, Heating Oil, Kerosene, Liquified Petroleum Gas etc. There are large number of refieneries with extensive engineering work and having sophisticated machinery, located in Gulf Countries which are major oil producing countries in the world. As such these refineries and petrochemical plants have countless job opportunities for many professions/ categories in large number throughout the
year in any refineries and in any country. Hence we supply large amount of manpower in any volume, keeping
intact the quality requirement.
Piping Design Managers
Project Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Operation Engineers
Process Engineers
Chemical Engineers
Maintenance Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Planning Engineers
Process Control Engineers
Chief Chemist
Craft Person
Instrumentation Technical Staff
Utilities Superintendent
Shift Supervisors
Safety Officers
Time Keepers
Store Keepers
Transport Foreman
Plant Technicians
Security Guards
Industrial Electricians
Heavy Vehicle Drivers
Vehicle Mechanics
Industrial Plumbers
Construction- Civil Engineering
Construction is one industry that has created a lot of jobs.Civil Engineering is a professional Engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built enviornment, including works like bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. We provide Civil Engineers who build bridges, tunnels, freeway interchanges and other structures which are designed to facilitate the smooth evenflow of traffic while allowing for higher expansion and higher use rates.We also offer Civil Engineers who also
work on projects like a city power plant or a majour office building. Pay for Civil Engidonals are highly trained
and very skilled.
Construction Manager
Project Managers
Planning Engineers
Civil Engineers
Project Engineers
Quantity Surveyors
Land Surveyors
Structural Engineers
Site Engineers
QA/ QC Engineers
Safety Engineers
Structural Detailers
Auto CAD Draughtsmen
Document Controllers
Site Secretary
Shuttering Carpenters
Steel Fixers
Security Guards
Structural/Mechanical Engineering
The role of a Structural Engineer today involves a significant understanding of both static and dynamic loading asnthe structures that are available to resist them. we make available such engineers where project work like Steel Structures, Electro Mechanical Projects, Steel Fabrication, Factories, Oil & Gas Sectors, Construction of Bridges, Skyways, Flyovers, Pipeline are under execution. There are varoius such projects involved where we provide work for required positions.
Mechanical Engineers
Project Engineers
Planning Engineers
Quantity Surveyors
Site Engineers
Auto CAD Draughtmen
Mechanical Supervisors
Mechanical Fabricators
Steel Fabricators
Scaffolding Workmen
Pipe Fitters
Electro Mechanical
Electro Mechanics combine the sciences of electro magnetism of electrical engineering and mechanics. Mechanical Engineering in this context refers to the larger discipline which includes chemical engineering and other related disciplines. Having a look over the on going construction activities and later maintenance of Towers, High rise buildings, Shopping Complexes, Entertainment Halls, Airports, Residential Complexes, Malls, we provide the required staffs.

Electrical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Plumbing Engineers
HVAC Engineers
Electricals Supervisors
Mechanical Supervisors
Plumbing Supervisors
MEP Coordinators
Auto CAD Draughtsmen
Document Controllers
Telephone Operators/Receptionist
Chargehand( Electrical,HVAC,Plumbing)
HVAC Technicians
Duct Workers
Pipe Fitters
Copper Brazers

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